For over 40 years I have been in the travel industry, from starting out as a BA Cabin Crew for 15 years travelling the world to then being a Director of two travel shops for the past 16 years. 

As a descendant of the explorer, Sir David Livingstone, I am definitely proving that ‘Travel is in the Blood’.

Due to the Pandemic in 2020, I made the decision to move away from my base in Marlow high street and have launched a new concept for D&G Travel of Marlow.

This I believe offers a more personal service, visiting clients in their own homes or meeting for a coffee. I feel that this is a safer option for my client and has worked very well so far. 

‘Complete Client Satisfaction’ is my motto with any holiday booking. 

From our initial meeting or email, to your arrival back home, I am with you all the way.

This is my new D&G Travel of Marlow website, I do hope you enjoy exploring it. Offering excellent travel advice and guidance along with client reviews and up-to-date offers.

I would love to meet you and help with your travel plans, however big or small.  I can guarantee that a warm welcome awaits you.

woman on body of water during daytime